Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Croc

Working with the tools...
Adobe Illustrator has come a long way... Particularly after Adobe absorbed Flash.

But for every move I could make in Flash or the defunct Expression3 in a few seconds… I have to drag myself thru some kind of heavy gravity atoms - to get the same effect in Illustrator. Powerful - yes. Quick and easy to use - No!
More and more I am finding the first quick and easy actions (of drawing) carry the core and spirit of what I am trying to “say”(illustrate/communicate)… The sluggishness - and multi step process to the achievement of marking - of old application design (like that of Illustrator) still drags me down by forcing me to be TOO deliberate. Not that I really love the potential lack of focus - lack of statement in spur of the moment, improvisational art making - but I do wish the fast power of first efforts was more available in illustration software.

Rough comps thru Photoshop  are the greatest. The heart is in the comp!

More on this later.

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