Monday, October 13, 2014

Experiments with Sketchy Presets in Studio Artist

Experiments with some old sketchy presets I made with Studio Artist.
The images here show some of the advantages and disadvantages of layer blending modes.
This image is made up of three layers. A grey tone owl. A (mostly) grey tones tree and setting… and a color overlay. Changing the blending modes of the various layer results in different colors and intensities.
I only chose a few nice looking or interesting options.

What I was really after was to generate a look I could easily document and recreate.
The hand drawn aspect of the art can be recreated easily… The nice effects with various layer blending modes on - is another matter. The disadvantage.
The advantage:
In this case - I would look to the blending modes for color experimentation and hope I can recreate the colors in a hand drawn process - without further adjustment.