Craigs Comics

I really love the narrative and visual challenge of the comic panel structure.
Comics sequence takes illustration into the cinematic or (my preference) Operatic. Images filled with "human" drama, staged to build on each other, creating a depth that single illustrations alone cannot and lingering on visual ideas in a way that animation too often rushes past.

The samples here represent some of my recent (and older) ventures into sequential art.

The grey scale pages here are a series  of short "stories" I am developing based on fun little ideas I had as a boy. Each story using techniques I have long admired. Grey washes. Sumi-e inking styles. Cartooning with simple expressive forms. And word use that a child might feel at home with. I love to tell stories with art and am learning to tell stories with words. Some of these are available Here.

This is a different comic book format example:

And more fun

Originally my fascination with the medium kept me directed towards the kind of kids comic art that I loved as a kid. I eventually turned that love into a carrier. For a brief period I made it to the stratospheric heights I dreamed of… Creating "Duck" comic art for Disney.

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