Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween Party - Bones

The short comic/book here is an experiment with sequential panels and text treatment. The idea is to present a short story with a high interest subject and a moderately limited and targeted vocabulary (late first or early second grade). The targeted vocabulary is the letter/sound of "ea" The ee! in eek!
The story should be something that takes a reader only a few minutes - practicing the letter sound as they go. The comic format is a great way to present more interesting visuals and story telling that hopefully would keep a child focused and willing to work thru the words.
This format is targeted towards boys (especially) struggling with reading in the early grades... and addresses some of the problems boys have with focusing attention on a reading task, finding something of interest in the reading task and reading to understand - to be drawn into a little story enough to want to work thru the text. The short exclamatory sentences are closer to something a boy (or girl) might be willing to act out (read fluently) and not be embarrassed over.
The story takes one of the characters from here: Parade. The character is all alone here... Other stories will focus on interaction with other characters. More to come.

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