Friday, September 4, 2009

IF: Strong

Strong can cover such a broad range... Its hard to pick an idea that pins it down... So I am going to add several interpretations. The top one being the first that came to mind.

A big strong gorilla
Created with Studio Artist
Anansi the spider - strong in wits and back.
pencil and digital watercolor with SA

A strong hand - but a gentle touch
Created with Studio Artist


claudine hellmuth said...

all work so well for the theme!

WilsonW said...

How do you keep up with all those different styles and techniques!? Great job!

Angela Meijer said...

very fun!

MrBibleHead said...

Great work! You've got that studio artist thing down pat!!!

Cally Johnson-Isaacs said...

Love your gorilla character!

Unknown said...

All of them great… but the two cartoons rock!!

Art Fan Ako said...

Great interpretations! My favorite is the man's hand... someone's father's. :)